Donald Trump is no Boy Scout

Donald Trump recently used his speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree as a political platform to attack his opponents. This disgusts me. I was a Boy Scout. The Boy Scouts teach American children and young adults important values that have helped shape many of our political leaders, including five Presidents of the United States. Donald Trump shares none of these values.

The Scout Law says that a scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Every Scout and former Scout can recite that from memory. Let’s see how Donald Trump follows the Scout Law.

Trustworthy: Trump has repeatedly made false statements, better known as lies, as both a candidate and as our President. Trustworthy? NO

Loyal: Trump has shown incredible disloyalty to his country by siding with Russia against his own country’s intelligence agencies. Loyal? NO

Helpful: Trump has actively hindered the business of governance as President by forcing White House staff to defend false claims, by firing James Comey, and by undermining the legitimacy of our elections. Helpful? NO

Friendly: Trump is notoriously aggressive and disagreeable. Friendly? NO

Courteous: Trump is rude. He eats his steak with ketchup, he refused to shake Angela Merkel’s hand, and he used his handshake with Emmanuel Macron to try to intimidate Macron with a death grip. Courteous? NO

Kind: Come on, do I even have to answer this one? Kind? NO

Obedient: Trump does do whatever Vladimir Putin tells him to. He does follow this part of the Scout Law. Obedient? YES (but to the wrong people)

Cheerful: Trump’s convention speech was one of the darkest speeches in American political history. He screamed about how “only [he] can fix” the current “American carnage” for nearly an hour. Cheerful? NO

Thrifty: Trump ran numerous businesses into the ground and has wasted money faster than any administration in history. Thrifty? NO

Brave: Trump dodged the draft in Vietnam. He attacks people on Twitter and then acts nice in person. Brave? NO

Clean: I don’t know about Trump’s hygiene habits, but in his thoughts he is most definitely not clean. Aside from his well-know affinity for grabbing body parts, Trump has publicly expressed sexual attraction towards his own daughter. Clean? NO

Reverent: Trump has shown no respect towards any faith, and has disrespected the American military by attacking a gold star family and by questioning the characterization of John McCain as a war hero because he was captured. Reverent? NO



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